Welcome to the theKarateHandbook. This website is an online collection of karate-related information and resources that I have gathered for my own use and to share with others. My exploration of karate tends to lean into my own personal interests, so you may find a focus on kata, terminology, and etymology in many of my documents.

Most of the information in this collection is compiled in documents (Google-docs and Google-sheets) linked or embedded in the website. Unfortunately this may make the site somewhat less accessible on mobile devices.

About the author

I've been a practitioner of Shitō-ryū karate since 2011 and earned my shodan in 2017. I've trained through several Shitō-ryū and a few Shōtōkan dōjō in this time. My current dōjō practices Seitō Shitō-ryū but includes some Shitō-kai Shitō-ryū influence in their kata.

I practice Kenshin-ryū and Kotaka-ha kobudō.

Outside of the dōjō I work as a substitute school teacher. My passions for teaching and for karate are a big part of what drove me to create this collection.

Future plans for theKarateHanbook

I am currently working, though making slow progress, on cleaning up my walkthrough documents for additional kata. I will be adding these gradually as they are completed.

I'd like to spend time expanding my documents to address other lineages in the future as well since it currently focuses mainly on Shitō-ryū.

I would eventually be interested in putting my pedagogical experience into developing worksheets or activities to help teach kids karate terminology, but it may be some time before I can begin to work on this.


It may be worth recognizing that, especially if you practice a different lineage of karate than I do, terminology and concepts I discuss here may not align with those which your school uses or which you are familiar with. I hope my collection can be a helpful resource nonetheless.

It is also important to note that I am not Japanese and do not speak Japanese, so my discussions of the language, etymology, and culture come from secondary research and not from personal experience. While I have done enough research that I feel confident sharing my discoveries, there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings expressed in my notes.

If you notice anything that you think needs correcting or that you feel is missing, please let me know. You can find my email in the footer of each page.

All of my documents on the website are works in progress and will be given additions and revisions over time.