Kobudō Overview and Weapon Glossary

Okinawa-kobudō • 沖縄古武道

“Okinawan kobudō”

沖 (oki) - open sea縄 (nawa) - rope古 (ko) - the past武 (bu) - military道 (dō) - path

Okinawa-kobudō, often simply called kobudō in the context of karate, is an armed kobudō art that was developed in Okinawa. It focuses on the use of traditional Okinawan weaponry. Okinawa-kobudō is often taught as a supplementary art alongside karate.

Learning kobudō

When beginning to learn kobudō it is generally advised not to specialize in a single weapon art. Each weapon art develops self-defense skills that can be applied with more practical everyday items like brooms or towels; specialization can begin once one has developed a broad range of widely applicable skills.

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